Producer/Engineer Taras is the co-owner of LoudMouse Studios. Having worked in major recording studios like: Metalworks, Phase One and TransContinental (Florida) as well as having had songs he worked on end up on radio in Canada and Europe, Taras is no newbie when it comes to getting records made properly. As a classically trained musician and the co-founder and keyboard player in the band  “Klooch” (which has had chart success and video rotation in North America and Europe) Taras also understands the musician’s needs and perspective when it comes to the studio environment. Some of the artists Taras has worked with include: Michael Burgess, Vasyl Popadiuk, Kim Mitchell, Q-Benjamin and Pyramid Theorem to name a few.

For more info or to contact Taras  you can email him at: studio@loudmousestudios.com