Producer/Engineer Joel Kazmi brings with him over 15 years of industry experience having worked with bands like SUM41, NSync, Our Lady Peace, Sloan, Fefe Dobson and The Tea Party to name a few. Joel began his career as a staff engineer @ Metalworks Studios where, over 5 years, he built up a credit list including many gold, platinum and multi-platinum selling artists. Joel was later contracted by SonyBMG to help coordinate the build of their in-house recording studio. As an engineer for the record label’s studio he once again had a chance to work with many named artists.  In 2010/2011 Joel had a chance to help relocate and rebuild the famed Mushroom Studios (originally based out of Vancouver) in Toronto’s Queen West district. Some of Joel’s career highlights were recording and mixing the Juno nominated “Resurrected” and engineering the Juno winning “MySoul” albums by famed artist Jacksoul. Joel is currently working as a freelance producer/engineer based out of  Eleven Hurts Music in Toronto.

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Partial credit list:

  • Reno (Learning To Speak Human)
  • Westpoint (Goodbye Rocket)
  • Asleep In The Machine (Untitled EP – still in progress)
  • Impulse (Welcome To The Party)
  • Justus (Don’t Surrender)
  • Persist (Hours In The Daze)
  • The Ballroom Babies (Self-Titled)
  • Nadia Kobelak
  • Farenheit (now Hail The Villain)
  • Punchalice (Self-Titled)
  • Fefe Dobson (Much Dance 2005)
  • Jacksoul (Resurrected)
  • Jacksoul (MySoul)
  • In Essence (Self-Titled)
  • The Fullblast (Self-Titled)
  • Our Lady Peace (Radio performance)
  • Kalan Porter (219 Days)
  • Snow (Mind On The Moon)
  • Sloan (A-Sides Win)
  • The Fray (Live recording at the Koolhaus)
  • Tyrese Gibson (Demos for J Records)
  • No Warning (Suffer, Survive)
  • N’Sync (Celebrity)
  • SUM41 (A Half Hour Of Power)
  • SUM41 (All Killer No Filler)
  • SUM41 (Does This Look Infected)
  • David Usher (Black Black Heart Remix)
  • Moist (Machine Punch Through: The Singles Collection)
  • The Tea Party (Interzone Mantras)
  • The Tea Party (Illuminations)
  • Busta Rhymes (Anarchy)